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" Babushka " Serenity Shells Ornaments


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Mothers play a big role in the traditional Russian family; being the bearer of life and her capability to multiply her seeds are just some of them.

In the country, having a big family is considered as a common practice and even an important one; there are usually more than three children, as well as members of the extended family live under one roof with them.

Each member of the family is believed to have their own unique role in the household, and it’s the mother who serves as the foundation of the home.


If purchasing more than 1 of the same print they will have different details to them but will stay with the theme of the design wanted.
Shells will NOT be the same size or shape as the one listed.  They will all be different, that's what makes them so special.
Shell sizes will vary.  they will be from 2 1/2- 5 inches 
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