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Medicine Woman


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It may be the first day of your life, the prime of youth or several decades in, when Medicine Woman calls you.

Your name on her list.

Her new initiate.

She crept in whilst you were sleeping, when you over-exerted, when you kissed him, or ate that, or lived there or pushed too hard just one time too many.

She crept in and curled up in your cells, your heart, waiting to meet you. Longing to know you. Longing for you to know her, at last.

And what feels like the end is in fact a beginning, of a new road, an unknown path of pain and healing.
She will show you how to slow down, she will run her fingers roughly through your life and help you sort the busyness from what matters, she will show you how to find support… and who you really are, beyond your roles and expectations… and even more beyond the System the world has forced you into.
She transports you into the timelessness of big pains and tiny joys. Initiates you into your strength. Into your love.
Into your courage. Into a world beyond your control.